Empire of Iuz

Gh orc drawing

  • Proper name: Empire of Iuz
  • Ruler: Iuz the Old, Lord of Evil
  • Government: Dictatorship, directly ruled by Iuz
  • Capital: Dorakaa
  • Population: Orc 45%, Human 25%, Hobgoblin 10%, Halfling 5%, Half-orc 3%, Gnome 2%, Other 10%
  • Allies: None
  • Enemies: Most sane beings of Oerth count Iuz as their enemy; all fear him.

Dedicated to self-serving evil and pursuit of power, the demigod Iuz rules the empire that bears his name. His armies occupy even his own land as if it were a hostile country needing to be conquered. Iuz does not hesitate to prey on the weak and has made several attempts to conquer surrounding realms. His empire currently encompasses the Land of Iuz, the Horned Lands, the Shield Lands, the Bandit Lands, and the Barren Lands.


The Empire of Iuz is classified as an “imperial theocratic dictatorship.” Though Iuz holds all power, his rule is inconsistent. Iuz’s priesthood and other ruthless and powerful individuals manage the affairs of the empire in his name. Iuz and his servants have more control over some regions of the empire than others. The capital of the empire is the city of Dorakaa.

Administrative Divisions

The Empire of Iuz consists of five loosely-defined political regions, though they are not considered actual provinces.

Land of Iuz

Also called the Homeland of Iuz, this region lies mainly between the Dulsi and Opicim Rivers, south of the Cold Marshes, and north of Whyestil Lake.

Bandit Lands

Once referred to as the Bandit Kingdoms, this region lies west of the Zumker and Artonsamay rivers, east of the Ritensa River, and is bounded in part by the Fellreev Forest and Bluff Hills. This region is actually made up of a number of warlord fiefs.

Barren Lands

These grasslands south of the Icy Sea and the Wastes are also known as the Barrens, the Barren Plains, or the Northern Barrens. North of the Bandit Lands, the Barrens’ eastern border is formed by the Forlorn Forest, western Griff Mountains, and the Bluff Hills. Their western border is formed by the Cold Marshes and Opicim River. Once ruled by the nomadic Flan tribes known as the Rovers of the Barrens, these people are but a shadow of their former glory.

Horned LandsGh drawingshieldlands

This region is bound by Whyestil Lake, the Veng and Ritensa Rivers, and the Fellreev Forest. These lands were for a time ruled by the Horned Society, before Iuz once again took control during the Greyhawk Wars.

The Shield Lands

Bordered by the Ritensa river, Nyr Dyv, and Rift Barrens, this land was ruled before the Greyhawk Wars by the chivalrous order known as the Knights of Holy Shielding. Iuz conquered the Shield Lands in the opening days of the Greyhawk Wars and now rules the region with an iron fist.

Empire of Iuz

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