From the Ashes

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Legends of Greyhawk

Great adventure, exotic lands, ruthless politics, foreboding dungeons, and fantastic escapes. The Flanaess is a magical land at the crossroads of countless possibilities. The world of Oerth is a place where powerful creatures contest with humanity and other races, where good folk struggle against evil, and Law wrestles with Chaos. Oerth is a world of magic, mystery and the imagination. It is a world that is war weary and ripe for change.

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This game will explore the World of Greyhawk, long a favorite of this GM, using FATE, specifically the Legends of Anglerre, as the game system. The game will primarily feature the ongoing War between Iuz and Furyondy just after the Greyhawk Wars end in 856 CY.

The Greyhawk Wars

Gh battlefieldInitial hostilities were provoked by the evil demigod Iuz, but rapidly expanded to cover most of the Flanaess as opportunistic nations used the conflict to further their own ends. This conflict saw the unification and expansion of the Orcish Empire of the Pomarj as well as a desperate attempt by the Great Kingdom to reclaim its former glories.

The wars were ended in 584 when the final truce was brokered in the Free City of Greyhawk, and the war has come to be named for the city as a result.


Gh orc armyFrom his vile throne in the center of a cruel empire bent on nothing less than domination of all the Flanaess, the half-fiend god Iuz watches as the black spokes of his maniacal wheel turn.

While he continues his machinations, wicked Bonehearts, generals, and allies in the Old One’s service continue to terrorize and threaten the good-aligned nations that form a bulwark around his blasted and hostile land. In the nation of Perrenland, the people there now fear the return of Iggwilv, the Witch Queen who birthed Iuz and subjugated that land over a hundred years before. In Highfolk, the Vesve is a battleground between Old Wicked’s forces and causes massive upheaval in the elven communities that dwell within. In Furyondy, King Belvor renews his conflict against the forces of Iuz and many vicious battles are fought, draining the men and resources of that proud kingdom. In the Shield Lands, reclamation of their former glory seems halted by a virulent plague spawned by followers of the Old One. In the Bandit Kingdoms, the land is in tumult as folk are manipulated like pawns between various factions vying for power in Iuz’s name.


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Furyondy is the greatest kingdom on Oerth (or so its citizens would claim). Rich with people, places, and possibilities, Furyondy is a sterling bastion of good on the world of Oerth. Furyondy stretches across the western half of the Flanaess, from the Nyr Dyv in the east, the mighty Velverdyva River in the south and west, north to the Vesve Forest and the shores of Whyestil Lake. The Kingdom is divided into smaller provinces, each ruled by a noble house. These include the County of Crystalreach and the Barony of Kalinstren in the North, both bastions of defense against Iuz; the Viscounty of the March, Furyondy’s breadbasket; the Barony of Littleberg, the most diverse province; the rich Gold County, the Duchy of the Reach, and the Barony of Willip in the south. Chendl is the capital and the seat of royal power. Furyondy’s major port and the seat of her Navy is on the Nyr Dyv in the city of Willip.

Currently, the Kingdom is still war-weary from the fighting of the great war against Iuz the Evil, but the unrelenting crusade against Old Wicked has helped stem the tide of darkness in the Flanaess, and so the people bear their lot with quiet pride. Furyondy’s leader is the pious and noble King Belvor IV, an aging paladin of [[Deity: Heironeous | Heironeous]] whose battle-savvy leadership got them through the great war, and who is even now rebuilding the roads, towns, and castles damaged in the war years. Rebuilding the Flare Line of Defenses is a long and expensive process and the ongoing crusade against Old Wicked has only slowed it down.

There are many in the Flanaess who believe that Iuz is a spent force. Some may say that Old Wicked has been content to merely tease the fringes of his border states as an annoyance rather than as a true threat, but it takes time to hatch new plots and spawn unmentionable offspring; and time to delve deeper into the darkest places, creating armies that will not be vulnerable again. Now, the border states of Iuz, who have been rebuilding and reorganizing since the treaty was signed, are about to discover what new nightmare Iuz The Old is ready to unleash upon the lands of the Flanaess!

Greyhawk: From the Ashes