• Proper name: Free Town of Highfolk; Valley of the Velverdyva (Highvale)
  • Ruler: The Worthy Sir, Tavin Ersteader, Mayor of Highfolk Town; and, His Most Excellent Highness, Kashafen Tamarel of Flameflower, Lord of the High Elves of the Vesve
  • Government: Mayor of town is elected by popular vote of household leaders; nonhuman communities are governed by hereditary monarches from noble families
  • Capital: no capital
  • Population: Elf 79%, Human 9%, Half-elf 5%, Halfling 3%, Gnome 2%, Dwarf 1%, Half-orc 1%
  • Allies: Furyondy, Veluna, Verbobonc, Dyvers, Duchy of Ulek, Knights of the High Forest
  • Enemies: Empire of Iuz, denizens of the Vesve Forest

Highfolk is not so much a country as a region where a loose collection of communities has come together. It is a farmer’s paradise—simple, honest folk work the land and cooperate for mutual profit. Humans, gnomes, elves, and halfling live together in harmony, each sharing resources. This is a region where a hearty handshake seals a deal and invitations to share a place at the table can be expected, even for strangers.

But those who would prey on this seemingly idyllic land has best beware. When bandits have come to pillage, the laid-back spirit of Highfolk vanishes, and neighbors stand together. Their willingness to defend their homeland is almost unparalleled.

Children of preminent demihumans in Highfolk Town have been abducted lately. No one has claimed responsibility, but several rewards for information have been posted.


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