Furyondy - Religion

Gh religionTraditionally, Furyondy has not been a nation of deeply religious people. Since the wars, the churches have grown in prestige and importance to the people of the land. Due to its close ties with Veluna, the people are becoming more involved with the faiths. Currently, the people are still fairly uninvolved with the faith, but the major churches found in Furyondy are outlined below:

  • Obad-Hai — Popular with farmers, rangers, and druids is the worship of the “Old Faith”. This worship of Obad-Hai has been falling off in the years since the Greyhawk Wars. The center of this religion can be found in Gleaming Glades in Gold County.
  • Boccob — The largest church and the center of worship for this god is located in the city of Pantarn in the Barony of Littleberg. The followers of Boccob are not many in Furyondy, although this faith has been growing since the wars. The people of Furyondy have begun to value wizards more than in days past, and although a few distrust the members of this faith, others actively seek their counsel in spiritual and magical matters.
  • Heironeous — The King and the warrior elite (especially officers and paladins) adhere to this faith. Heironeous’ temples are the largest in most northern cities, and the faith has a strong appeal for the common soldier. Heironeous’ high cleric, Garaeth Heldenster, is a great war hero known to almost everyone in Furyondy. He is an ardent supporter of Belvor and a powerful ally in Belvor’s political struggles, and heads the central church located in Chendl.
  • Mayaheine — This new deity, whose tenants are a blend of protective strength and powerful warriors, has drawn many followers since she appears to represent a new hope for the lands of Furyondy. Her clerics encourage rebuilding of the northern defenses and alliance with the Highfolk, and she enjoys open support from Belvor and many of the northern nobles. Her faith is much less common in the southern provinces. Her main church is fairly small, with only about 200 members in all of Furyondy. The temple is based in Grabford, the capital of Crystalreach. The head of her church, Cellinor, is a powerful warrior who converted from Heironeous to follow the teachings of Mayaheine.
  • Pelor — The worship of Pelor is second only to that of St. Cuthbert among the common folk. Recently, due to the popularity of the Sun Father’s faith among the common folk and adventurers, Pelor’s temples in the kingdom have become larger and more organized.
  • Rao — Many nobles in Furyondy feel that Rao’s clergy enjoys disproportionate influence at Belvor’s court, due to a heavy strain of Velunese influence. Veluna is Furyondy’s banker, and Rao is widely revered there, making Canon Vendenn of Chendl a powerful man. The head of the Church of Rao is located in the city of Pantarn, in Littleberg, where Aubin Gyraisonne presides. Canon Schyendorf of the Gold County is a rising star of this clergy. Her words are much appreciated by Belvor, since she urges Countess Rhavelle to harmony of purpose with other provincial rulers. Rao’s church has also enjoyed some recent popularity in Crockport, after what appeared to be direct intervention from The Mediator himself in the CY 595 siege of the city. Rao’s clerics urge careful thought and planning and against hasty action.
  • St. Cuthbert — This deity and his clerics find the greatest share of their following among the common folk (especially among the peasants of the Gold County, where the influential Whillom Stronbillet preaches). They revere the deity’s protective aspect and like the no nonsense, common sense approach of his clerics. The leader of this church is St. Cuthbert’s Overseer in Chendl, the formidable Redankin Desmart, who is found among other powerful people in the Kingdom’s capital. St. Cuthbert’s clerics plead caution, stating that the ordinary people have suffered enough. Furyondy needs rebuilding and peace. They urge vigilance against Iuz, but vigilance in defense. Trithereon — This clergy is a headache for everyone else. Chaotic and vengeful, this deity is quite different from most of the people in Furyondy. Their clerics are most common in the northern provinces where they advocate for aggressive action against Iuz. When not found at the primary church in Redoubt, Trithereon’s brilliant young Master Cleric Cataryna is often found in Chendl where her speeches often cause Belvor a bit of discomfort. This faith is most prevalent in the Barony of Kalinstren where the nobility have been converted to its tenants. A fairly large new church has been constructed in the Redoubt, the capital of Kalinstren, which functions as the center of worship for this religion. The faith capitalizes on the sense of loss the people of Furyondy have felt and many warriors and even a few Knights of the Furyondy have recently converted.
  • Zilchus — The clergy of Zilchus is not very powerful. The main role of this clergy is as a stabilizing factor, almost a reassuring element, in Furyondian life. Trade, business, and making a living all still go on a daily basis. There is something simple, easily understood and reassuring about that to everyone from Belvor to the humblest peasant with a copper common in his pocket. Furyondy is a nation that needs trade badly due to its economic problems. The clergy of Zilchus urges Belvor not to go to war to recover the lost northern lands. But at the same time, they also urge him to be firm in his alliance with the Highfolk, to support trade through Highvale, and Veluna due to their strong trade relationships.

For more information and a listing of the gods see Deities of the Flanaess.


Furyondy - Religion

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