Furyondy - History

The area that is now Furyondy began as unsettled grass and forestland populated by the nomadic Flan. The first outside settlers in the region were Oeridian and Suloise survivors of the Baklunish-Suloise Wars, driven out of their homelands by the Rain of Colorless Fire several centuries past.

The Oeridians and the Suloise were far from peaceable, and what followed were some two centuries of petty border wars, followed by a gradual dominance of the Oeridians across the continent. This dominance eventually solidified into the Great Kingdom of the Aerdi, the first truly political superpower the Flanaess had ever seen. It was during the time of the imperialist, expansionist Great Kingdom that our region became the Viceroyalty of Ferrond, circa 100 CY; a definite boon, for under the rulership of the Aerdi, Ferrond became one of the richest and most powerful regions on the continent. As the Great Kingdom grew, their ability to govern all their lands from a distance became weaker, and Ferrond was able to gain more and more control over its own fate. Before long, Ferrond was moving to declare its independence, and in 254 CY it became the free Kingdom of Furyondy, under the rulership of hereditary Viceroy and newlycrowned King Thrommel I.

The Kingdom was larger, then; the Viceroyalty (then called “Old Ferrond”) encompassed much of modern day Veluna, Verbobonc, Dyvers, Highfolk, Perrenland, and the Shield Lands. In the years after Furyondy broke free, these states also declared their independence, following the Kingdom’s admirable lead but doing so much more peaceably than Ferrond had, and keeping close ties to the Kingdom itself. Indeed, nearly everything about the years between our independence and last years of the 5th century CY was peaceful, allowing Furyondy to build a powerful navy on both Whyestil Lake and the Nyr Dyv, to forge diplomacy and trade with countless nations, and to become one of the richest centers of culture and trade on Oerth.

Our fate took a drastic turn after the rise of Iuz the Evil, beginning in 479 CY. At first the mysterious new ruler was an enigma, a dark rumor that had little to do with Furyondy’s day-to-day affairs, and we ignored it. We were powerful, we were wealthy; we commanded Whyestil Lake and shone in the eyes of the Flanaess. Iuz seemed a trifle. And just as then-King Arvas began to recognize the potential threat he posed, Iuz disappeared in 503 CY—never, we presumed at the time, to be seen again. Sadly, that was not the case.

Iuz—whose disappearance stemmed from being magically imprisoned—returned in 570 CY and reclaimed the lands he ruled in the north. By 582 he had amassed an army of evil humanoids, faithful clerics, and worse, and the waging of the Greyhawk Wars began in earnest.

Battles broke out across the entire Flanaess. Iuz seized the opportunity and took Furyondy by surprise, and for three years our meritorious armies clashed with his forces. Our noble leader, King Belvor IV, fought valiantly against Old Wicked, but our losses were many; stalwart Crockport was lost in 583 CY, and the terrible siege of Chendl occurred the following year, crippling our nation for many months. Indeed, there are those to this day who wonder what would have happened in Furyondy, had the mysterious Scarlet Brotherhood not organized the pact of Greyhawk, which Furyondy and all the warring nations signed in 584 CY, thus ending the Wars.

Furyondy - History

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