Furyondy - Duchy of the Reach

Duchy of the Reach

Ruler: Duke Bennal Tyneman
Capital: Caronis
Population: 56,000
Standing Army: 1,800

This long, narrow strip of territory has a unique atmosphere, simply because it borders on so many different lands. Highfolk, Veluna, and Verbobonc all border on the duchy, in addition to Littleberg and the Gold County. This is a free wheeling, free spirited province.

Caronis is a major trade and travel center, with merchants and other people moving up and down the roads to Veluna City and Mitrik. Velunese influence is a stabilizing factor in the duchy. Duke Tyneman prefers the open and free wheeling atmosphere of his duchy. He is a reverer of Olidammara and a self-indulgent hedonist whose lands lie hundreds of miles from potential war and strife. Tyneman is no fool, but he doesn’t understand much of war and the grim lecturing of Belvor and his generals bore him to distraction.

Tyneman avoids most political wheeling and dealings, liking only nobles who are fun to be with, notably Countess Rhavelle. Tyneman has so far refused to raise taxes at Belvor’s request, claiming that this might lose trade to Verbobonc which is a plausible excuse.


Furyondy - Duchy of the Reach

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