Furyondy - County of Crystalreach

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County of Crystalreach


Two years ago the previous provincial rule, Count Paulus Halpern, was lost and believed killed by raiders from Iuz. Since Halpern died without issue, Belvor moved to install a new ruler. His choice, the mighty Shield Land’s exile Artur Jakartai, was a daring one. Belvor knows Artur is an ally, and considered, rightly, that the other provincial rulers wouldn’t object too loudly.

They agreed, for several good reasons. First, Halpern is not known with certainty to be dead, so Jakartai can be said to be a “provisional” ruler. Belvor pleaded that putting an indigenous Furyondian in charge might result in major turmoil if Halpern were ever recovered. Second, the other provincial rulers didn’t like Halpern anyway, since he was an overbearing, cowardly, and very snobbish individual. They are not too sorry to see someone else in charge. Third, Jakartai is a genuine war hero who fought along the length and breadth of the Furyondian borders with the Bandit Kingdom. The loyalty of those who fought with and for him is absolute. It would be hard for any noble to oppose such a man. Fourth, Jakartai is known to despise the old leaders of the Shield Lands for their blinkered prejudices. This could be of benefit to Belvor if the Shield Lands or Nyrond tries to rise against Furyondy.

Jakartai is known to rely heavily on Furyondian advisers, especially Halpern’s Priest Jalquayne of Heironeous, who is his representative at Belvor’s Noble Council, as he was for Halpern. This is reassuring to the other provincial rulers. Jakartai also behaves in a modest and deferential way to the other rulers. His clumsiness and social naiveté is actually endearing to them, disarming their usual snobbery. One exception to this is Countess Rhavelle, who considers him vulgar. All in all, this appointment has been a political triumph for Belvor.


Furyondy - County of Crystalreach

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