Furyondy - Barony of Willip

Barony of Willip

Ruler: Baron Xanthan Butrain
Capital: Willip
Population: 45,000
Standing Army: 2,500 troops, 4,500 navy

The Barony of Willip is a vital strategic region of Furyondy. Willip is the first port of call for almost all visitors arriving across the lake from Greyhawk, Urnst, Nyrond and points beyond. Willip itself is the largest settlement in all of Furyondy and its baron plays a pivotal political role.

Baron Xanthan Butrain is resistant to further increases in taxation, but he also knows that since Belvor pays for the navy, and the navy brings vast revenues into Willip, that he is beholden to his King on that score. Should the navy be, say, increasingly diverted to a developed Gold County port as a base, the barony would suffer economically. Butrain thus plays a waiting game. He insists on agreements between all provincial rulers before he will agree to raise taxes to fund the northern provinces, knowing this is unlikely to happen.

The Barony of Willip has some quirks compared to most of the rest of Furyondy. Criminal law here is termed canon law and may only be administered by priest of the faiths of Cuthbert or Zilchus. This often means long delays waiting for trials. Most taxes have odd names. For instance, the Noble Tax for lesser nobles is the “Baron’s Gold” and the Freesword Tax is called the “Blade Coppers”.

Lastly, Butrain has a nemesis. His cousin Gregen claims the title of baron. The true bloodline is disputed. Gregen is believed to have fled to Admundfort, where Iuz may be using him as a puppet to justify any planned strike against Willip. This is rumor that Butrain has never tried to quell. It is said that only the King knows the truth.


Furyondy - Barony of Willip

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