Furyondy - Barony of Littleberg

Barony of Littleberg

Ruler: Baron Jemian
Capital: Littleberg
Population: 67,000
Standing Army: 3,000

Second in population and wealth only to the March, the Barony of Littleberg is likewise a fertile land, but its farmers grow a greater diversity of crops than their grain growing eastern neighbors. Littleberg has always had a reputation for industry, inventiveness allied with common sense, and the decency and kindness of its folk.

Littleberg also has an unusual population mix. In its northern regions dwell half of Furyondy’s 4,500 olves, immigrants from Highfolk and the Vesve Forest. Enclaves of noniz are found at Claw Gorge and Greylode also.

This lack of insularity compared with the March is reflected in its ruler, Baron Jemian. Jemian is a reverer of Rao, and his influential wife Scheredenn favors Pelor, and while Jemian secretly sympathizes with his King’s predicament he is ever mindful of the need for caution in planning. Jemian believes that Furyondy’s future will not be secured by military efforts, but by uniting its nobles, and he makes overtures to the others to negotiate their differences with the King and unite behind him. However, Jemian lacks the charisma and will to be a true political force. He is, in truth, too pleasant and self-effacing a man to be a real power broker.


Furyondy - Barony of Littleberg

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