Arik the Loud

Owner of the Clumsy Lion


Known Aspects

  • Too Stubborn To Admit That He Is Deaf As A Post
  • Grizzled Veteran of Many Battles
  • Owner Of The Clumsy Lion Tavern
  • Kinna Is Like A Daughter To Me

Arik is a Harkwocd native, the veteran of twenty years’ service to King Belvor IV. Veteran’s bonuses and years of careful saving enabled him to build the roadside inn, the Clumsy Lion. Arik is of average height and stocky build, with grizzled brown hair and beard, and numerous scars on his face and arms. Many years in barracks and taverns have resulted in a loss of hearing – Arik normally speaks at a half-roar. Arik has been known to compete in the footmen’s list at Fenmarc’s tourneys, and has something of a rivalry with Guard Captain Morgris.

Arik the Loud

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